Life stories


Have you ever witnessed chaos over controlling the living room TV channel or finalizing the dinner menu or  ownership of the electricity bill payment or making the guest list for a party ? Have you felt like a jury trying to settle the score between kids or deciding who uses the toilet first?  Most would agree that these are no less trivial than global warming. Yet unlike world issues they do not have a set procedure to be resolved. There is no elected government but only many self-declared heads who volunteer to be the decision maker. These arduous decisions needs to be handled with great diplomacy solely within the group called family. Family better defined as a dissimilar set of people coming together by destiny and love.
I have tried to put together an eclectic set of experiences from everyday family life in these articles. Life is a mixed bag of chocolates and read on to discover the bitter,sweet and tangy experiences.

So grab a cup of coffee and relax in a adda with me.


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