In search of little bit of yourself

She had packed her bags and left for the mountains. The daily grind of corporate life, the call of duty towards her family and society had left her completely exasparated. So much so that she felt lost most of the times, failing to recognize herself.Unable to explain herself to anyone she stopped trying. Thats when she left for her first solo vacation in the mountains. She wanted sometime to muse to herself was she really loosing sanity.

Now she sat still sipping piping hot tea ,staring at the snow capped mountains and a strange sense of calm filled her mind. She mused if only she could wake up every morning and witness this serene beauty. She felt alive after a long time just listening to the  chirping birds, gurgling streams, laughter of the red cheeked kids and bark of the wooly dogs.She took a deep breath of the cold mountain air.She mused that these snow capped mountains were rescuers who showed light to fatigued minds. The mountains were timeless while humans making a big deal about themselves existed for a few years only.

She laughed loudly and mused that she would give up the rat race, stop following the clock and just follow her heart and ensure she gets back all of her lost self.

Azure sky, hot tea and slice of mountain –  thats all of you need to find yourself.


 Daily prompt Muse